Steve Harvey Defends Kirk Franklin For Cursing Out His Son


Steve Harvey has spoken out in defense of gospel singer Steve Harvey, who was exposed last week for cursing out his adult son, Kerrion Franklin.

“I just called him to lift him up to tell him, ‘Get your head up off the dirt because you didn’t do nothing wrong…’ The pain that Kirk Franklin was in was twofold. First of all, the betrayal of his son, that had to be devastating. That you would think so little of me that you would take me at one of my rawest moments and try to destroy me by posting something that was purely between me and you. And his son knew exactly what he was doing. That’s why he posted it,” said Steve.

He continued: “But his son only posted the part that he thought could hurt Kurt, he didn’t post the part of what he was asking of Kurt. He didn’t post the part of what led up to Kurt’s anger.”


Kerrion says he has more audio and accused his father of physical abuse.

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