Stephen A. Smith Blasts Will Smith Over Chris Rock Slap!!

Stephen A. Smith is calling out Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

“What Will Smith did tonight was straight bullshit. Props and congratulations to him for winning the Oscar, ’cause dammit, he deserved it. And I love the brother and I’m proud of him, but boy was that a shameful act for him to commit tonight,” he said in the clip.

“To go up on stage and slap Chris Rock like that, he’s lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked. Particularly, after the event was over. If not by Chris Rock, to the fellas he had there with him. I mean, damn,” he continued.

“Denzel [Washington] and Bradley Cooper and Tyler Perry having to calm you down. Your publicist having to run out and calm you down. I mean damn. Come on, bro. Come on, man. There’s no excuse for it, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t even try to justify it, OK? Chris Rock said it years ago. Every time Black folks doing something, you know who messes it up. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I’d be saying that about Will Smith. A Black man, Will Packer, did a phenomenal job producing the Oscars, and you do this to stain yourself? To stain the Academy Awards? Damn.”


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