Steph Curry’s Mom Sonya Accused Of Cheating On Husband w/ RICH WHITE MAN! (Pics)

The divorce drama between Steph Curry’s parents is getting CRAZY. Steph’s father Dell Curry is accusing his wife of cheating on him during the course of their marriage. And MTO News learned that the man Dell is accusing Sonya of creeping with has been described to us as, a “wealthy White man.”

Sonya is firing back, however. According to TMZ, Steph’s mom admits she’s in a dating relationship with another man, but claims she didn’t start seeing him until months after she and Dell agreed to legally separate.

According to new reports, Sonya’s new boyfriend (or her alleged side dude if you believe Dell) is a Tennessee real estate millionaire, named Stephen Johnson. Johnson also a former athlete and played football for the New England Patriots. This is him:

Also here’s a video of Sonya from 5 years ago, dancing while being embraced by another man – as Steph’s father looks on angrily. And this is NOT the man that Dell is accusing Sonya of cheating with.

Despite that Sonya is claiming, according to the legal documents, that it was actually Dell who was unfaithful and cheated with several different women while they were married.

Here’s more from TMZ:

To make matters worse, Sonya says Dell’s infidelity was known to family and close friends … saying it was basically an open secret.

Sonya claims she didn’t initially expose the lurid details “in one final act of trying to protect [Dell] and family from possible public exposure and scrutiny.”

Sonya says once Dell publicly accused her of being unfaithful “she was left with no choice” but to fire back in defense of herself.

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