Stage Collapses Under Rapper Rod Wave!!


Rapper Rod Wave suffered humiliation and maybe even some pain after a stage collapsed under him and his entourage when he took to the stage for a performance.

Rod Wave was scheduled to perform as part of the “Girl of My Nightmares” show at Excite Sports in Atlanta on Oct. 31 — but it all went left when he walked onto the stage, and part of it gave out underneath him.

He posted the video before quickly deleting, but of course, fans reposted the moment.

Despite joking about the incident, Rod Wave is serious about his craft:

“Music is a way of opening up. I don’t really talk about it. I never thought I would be on the phone with you right now,” he said during an interview with Complex earlier this year. “I never thought I would be on the tour or that people would want to talk about my album. It was never about that. I just wanted to make music, because it’s how I get stuff off my chest. I want it to always feel like my escape.” 

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