SpotemGottem’s Attorney To Sue The Dallas Police Department!!

SpotemGottem’s attorney, Raven Liberty says she will be suing the Dallas Police Department and local media for their “libelous” coverage.

The cops claim Spotemgottem is one of the suspects in the unsolved 2020 homicide. 

“The libelous statements made by Det. Belew originated from her misunderstanding about a YouTube’ rap video’ (in fact, a livestream) that Det. Belew claimed was about the death of Reginald Agnew, Jr and taunted the Dallas Police Department,” Raven Liberty wrote in a statement to Complex.

Det. Belew reportedly said that the rapper is no longer a person of interest in the 2020 homicide investigation. KDFW Fox 4 has not pulled their video claiming that he was.

Over the last five days, multiple attempts to contact the Dallas Police “Further, Fox4News failed to conduct any fact-checking prior to airing this malicious television interview that named Mr. Harden as a key figure in a murder investigation,” he statement continues. “To date, neither the Dallas Police Department or Fox4News have issued an apology or retracted the fraudulent and damaging story. This follows days of requests to correct this shocking recklessness as the story disparaging my client and linking him to a murder spread like wildfire.”

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