Spencer Pratt Blasts Cast Of ‘The Hills’: They’re Idiots!!

Spencer Pratt has blasted the cast of The hill reboot — he says they are all idiots.

Speaking to the Hollywood Raw podcast, he said, “Because the cast. The cast came back from COVID with these versions of themselves they wanted to Instagram post. They thought the cameras were there to promote. The cameras are there to follow their real lives, so it’s not supposed to — this isn’t a filter, this isn’t how you want to look, what you want out there. These aren’t skits you’re performing, we’re not acting.”

He adds that his castmates had nothing to offer.

“They went with nothing, because there’s nothing there, and it just looks like that. So, yeah, it’s all the cast. I don’t blame the producers.”

The reboot has been trashed by viewers with some calling for the latest season of the show to be its last.

He says his costars are also mad at him for calling them out on the show.

“100%, that’s why everyone turned on me so crazy, because I was calling them all out,” he told the host. “Like I’m not even playing pretend with you idiots, stop this. I know what you’re really thinking, I know how you two really feel about each other, I know what really happened with you two. But if I bring it up, ‘Oh, Spencer, he’s always trying to make drama, he’s the bad guy.’ It’s like, I don’t care enough about your storyline and helping you anymore.”

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