‘Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Speaks On His Adderall Addiction

Southern Charm star Craig Conover has opened up about his addiction to Adderall. He says he could not film the show without it.

“In those early seasons, I often blamed my internal demons on the outside pressures I was facing,” Conover writes in his upcoming book, “Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong with My Sewing?,” according to Page Six.

“The need to finish my work caused me to take Adderall. The anxiety of needing to ‘be on’ when I went out to the bars caused me to take more Adderall. And so on.”

He says he was taking three 15mg pills a day. “I’d take Adderall as like a quick, happy pill, but I just didn’t know that I was adding to my depression.”

Conover’s sewing business made his cohosts laugh during fliming, but he says it saved his life.

“That kind of sounds dark, but it gave me purpose, and Sewing Down South has just turned into this incredible part of my life,” he stated, “Finding that business finally just allowed me to have that purpose and something to work for instead of getting validation from going out or or other unhealthy means that I may have done.”


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