‘Southern Charm’ Star Calls Out Patricia Altschul’s Racist Home Decorations

Former Southern Charm star took to Twitter to put Patricia Altschul’s home decorations on blast — for being racist.

Like most of the cast members, Patricia is old money and most of the cast’s family earned their fortune from the enslavement of American Americans.

Thomas blasted Bravo for hiding Patricia’s ornaments when they film in her home.

“Typical ornaments one will see at Pat Altschul’s home,” he tweeted. “I wonder why Bravo never captures them on the show?”

A follower asked Thomas why he doesn’t confront Patricia rather than publicly tweet about it.

“So you think it’s cool to have a ‘negrobilia collection’ that you show off to your guests and have POC being portrayed in degrading ways in much of your shelf sh*t. Pray tell…” he responded.

Earlier this year, All About The Tea accused her of decorating her home with Confederate memorabilia and frequently celebrating the “Old South.” He has a point… why is Bravo not covering her proudly flaunting her racist history?


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