Source Claims Sabrina Peterson Was T.I. & Tiny Harris’ GF!!

Last week, Shekinah Jo and Tiny Harris went back and forth on social media after Shekinah alleged that Tiny was in the room telling her what to say when she was dragging Sabrina Peterson.

A source says Sabrina was the celebrity couple’s “girlfriend.”

Shekinah was upset that Tiny did not have her back when the internet turned on her.

A source told TNHT that Tiny often asks Shekinah to fight her battles for her.

The source said that Shekinah was told the information firsthand from Tiny that a woman named Sabrina was allegedly recruiting girls for her and T.I. and that Sabrina was actually the couple’s girlfriend and was very “aggressive” over Tiny.

The source also claimed that Tiny asked Shekinah several times to go live about it.


When T.I. messed around with Bernice Burgos, Tiny asked Shekinah to fight her but she refused. The source alleges that after Shekinah refused, Tiny’s friend legally purchased Shekinah’s name and she had to buy it back for $5000. T.I allegedly never liked Shekinah and when she started making her own money, once asked “How the help flying in first class?”

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