Soulja Boy To Hitmaka: You Stealin’ Beats!!

Soulja Boy hopped on social media to accuse producer Hitmaka of stealing beats.

He also clowned him about a stolen chain.

Hitmaka placed laughing emoji’s under a clip of Charlamagne Tha God saying that he was not from Atlanta. So Soulja took aim:

“Yung Berg, you is a b*tch, boy. Go get your chain back. Didn’t I take yo chain a long time ago? That Transformers chain? You ain’t neva get it back?” he said.

“P*ssy ass n*gga don’t never be under no f*ckin’ comments under Akademiks post leaving no f*ckin’ laughing emojis. You lame!… Stealing beats, you don’t make beats for real. Stick to gettin’ n*ggas to makin’ beats for you and you sell them to other artists and act like you made it.”


He added, “You’ll never make a hit by yourself like ‘She Make It Clap.’ Solo that’ll go number one on the Billboard. You’ll never write and produce a record at sixteen that go platinum, that go triple platinum, that go viral. P*ssy ass n*gga.”

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