Soulja Boy Takes Credit For TikTok

Soulja Boy is now taking credit for TikTok.

He says without him, the social media platform would not exist.

“I got Beyoncé doing the Crank Dat Soulja Boy [dance], you feel me? I created TikTok! It wouldn’t be no TikTok if it weren’t for Soulja Boy,” he said.

“What about him!? He heard Crank Dat Soulja Boy too! He’s seen the video too! ‘I’m finna make this app right now! Look at this dance, this is great way to make money. Kids dancing to a song.’ Can I get my ten percent, TikTok? The f*ck going on?” he continued.


Earlier this month, Soulja Boy revealed that his is expecting a child and his soon to be baby’s mother is a pretty Mexican girl from Los Angeles.

Soulja and his girlfriend threw a gender reveal party at an exclusive Los Angeles mansion – when the rapper found out that his first child will be a boy.

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