Soulja Boy Slams Atari After They Dispute He’s The Owner

Last week Soulja Boy claimed that he was the new owner of Atari. But the gaming company took to Twitter to dispute his claim.

“We know that being CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen,” the company tweeted.

That was enough for Soulja Boy to go off on one of his epic rants.

“First of all, n*gga, f*ck Atari, n*gga. Second of all, nigga, I been making millions from my @souljaboygame console. Atari, y’all p*ssy ass called me and said y’all wanted me to revamp y’all company. B*tch-ass n*gga, y’all know what the f*ck I meant when I said, ‘I’m owning Atari.’ Atari is a public traded company. Can’t no one man own the sh*t. So first of all, n*gga, Atari can eat a muthaf*ckin’ d*ck, n*gga. Don’t call my phone no mo’ asking me to help y’all promote sh*t. Dead-ass video game company. Wasn’t nobody talking about no muthaf* ckin’ Atari before yesterday. So Atari, suck a d*ck. Everybody at Atari, eat a d*ck. And I still got the money, n*gga, f*ck y’all talking ’bout.”

Soulja Boy continued: “I’m finna show the muthaf* ckin’ contract that y’all sent me. This p*ssy-ass contract, talkin’ ’bout a million shares, talkin’ ’bout all this weak sh*t. F*ck Atari, n*gga. I’m rich off Soulja Boy game.”

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