Soulja Boy Is Now A TV Star: I’m An Actor Now!!

Rapper Soulja Boy says he’s done with rap beefs in 2022 and is only doing tv shows and movies.

“2022, my new TV show coming out January 21. Revolt TV, shout-out to P. Diddy. Being Draco, new TV show January 21, 2022, we going into the year with all positive energy, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t got no beef with nobody. I ain’t got no smoke, no problems, no nothin’. All I’m doing is TV show and movies, I’m a actor now,” he said on Instagram Live.

Soulja Boy was in the hot seat after rapper King Dolph was murdered shortly after he threatened him on Instagram Live.

“Let it woulda been me, n*gga. N*ggas would have been laughing like a muthaf*cka. ‘Soulja Boy thought he was tough,'” he said, calling himself, “King Opp.”

“If that would’ve been me, y’all would’ve been laughing and cracking jokes,” he said. “It wouldn’t have been no ‘Rest In Peace Soulja Boy.’ Don’t jump in my DMs like you gangster, then when your big homie die expect me to be sad.”


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