Soulja Boy Roasts Fan Who Accused Him Of Buying Fake Jewelry

Soulja Boy went live on Instagram with a fan who accused him of buying fake jewelry.

The fan posted a video of the rapper at a jewelry kiosk at a mall. “Not big Soulja… Ain’t no way!” he says in the video clip. Soulja Boy did appear to be checking out the jewelry.

The fan then turned the camera on himself and showed off his jewelry, which he claims is real.

The fan then called him out in the comments section. Soulja Boy got angry. He first posted videos calling out the fan directly before he later went live with the man and blasted him on his livestream.

“Punk ass n*gga. Walk in that same jewelry store that you just left in the mall and try to buy the Cartier, n*gga. That motherf*cka $35,000. The Rollie $30,000. Everything over there real. They sell real ice in the mall, clout chasin’ ass,” said Soulja.

Who’s wrong here?

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