Soulja Boy Responds To Aaron Carter’s Boxing Challenge: I’ll Beat The Candy Out Your Pockets!!

Soulja Boy has responded to Aaron Carter’s boxing match challenge.

Aaron said that he wanted to fight the rapper but accused Soulja of being scared.

“Carter, whoever the f*ck you is, I just saw something on Shade Room saying you wanna box. Boy, I’ll beat the candy out your pockets. Aren’t you the n*gga that has the songs like, ‘I want candy?’ I’ll beat the candy out your pockets. What the f*ck is you talking about? F*ck Aaron Carter! Who the f*ck is Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter you’s a b*tch. I’ll beat the tattoos off your face,” he yells.

Last week, Aaron said:

“I’ll probably call out Soulja Boy, but I’d rip him apart,” Carter told TMZ. “If you wanna meet in the ring, we can meet in the ring. He probably doesn’t want to be embarrassed,” Carter added.

Aaron recently lost a fight with Lamar Odom — but everybody expected him to lose as Lamar is much bigger.

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