Soulja Boy Calls Out DJ Vlad

Soulja Boy is the latest rapper to call out DJ Vlad over his interviews with rappers.

“DJ Vlad, you a b*tch,” he said. “Why the f*ck you gon’ go interview the n-ggas I shot? You gon’ go interview the n*ggas that ran in my crib, you p*ssy ass n*gga. After I let you come into my house and I sat down and I gave you an interview, DJ Vlad. I welcomed you to my crib with open arms,” says Soulja.

“You let me ride in your Tesla, you drove me around in your Tesla,” Soulja Boy continued. “I rode in the passenger seat, just me and you, DJ Vlad. I thought we had a relationship. You acted like you was my homie, DJ Vlad. You was like, ‘Soulja, watch this, the Tesla can drive by itself.’ And you pressed the button and the car drove by itself, DJ Vlad, and I was in the passenger seat like, ‘Wow.'”


Is he right?

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