Soulja Boy Buys ALL Of Kids’ Candy After DaBaby Incident


Days after DaBaby went viral for refusing to buy candy from kids, Soulja Boy bought out two young men’s entire stock — but allowed them to keep their inventory.

“Bankroll. Stop playing with them and I don’t want the candy. First rapper to give a n*gga a bankroll and let him keep the candy,” he said, appearing to be throwing shots at DaBaby.

In DaBaby’s clip, two kids were selling a box of Skittles and Gushers at $2 apiece. When the rapper asked how much to buy the whole box, they told him $200.

“What’s 34 times two,” Baby said, laughing. “It ain’t $200. It ain’t even $100. It’s $68. You give me one too.”

DaBaby only bought one for $2 and social media dragged him.

“Anytime I buy something from somebody hustling like that like I buy the whole thing especially when its kids. Give them the opportunity to just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, ‘Man I usually charge somebody this for the whole box I’m just going to charge you $2 all the way down'” the rapper told Complex.

“I would have looked at them and gave them $1000, but I respect their hustle. I ain’t curse them out, this and that. I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them, then closed the door.”

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