Soho Karen’s Defense Against Racism; Allegedly F**KED Rapper Tyga!!

The woman being called “Soho Karen,” real name Miya Ponsetto, was arrested yesterday in New York City. She is accused of racially profiling a 14-year-old Black boy and assaulting him thereafter.

Soho Karen has become an international pariah – for her alleged racist behavior.

Well MTO News is now hearing rumors that she may have a secret defense to allegations of racism. Soho Karen allegedly had a romantic encounter with rapper Tyga – who is African American.

A woman claiming to be Soho Karen’s childhood friend went on social media, to expose some of her past indiscretions.

The “friend” claims that Soho Karen comes from a dysfunctional family and that she’s been “crazy” since middle school.

The friend also claims that years ago, she hooked up with rapper Tyga, while he was still dating Kylie Jenner.

Rapper Tyga obviously has a type – young, white skin and dark hair and actual beauty doesn’t matter.


Here’s a video of Soho Karen talking down to Gayle King.

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