Snoop Dogg Says Queen Elizabeth Saved Him From Being Kicked Out Of The UK!!

Snoop Dogg says that years ago the tabloids were trying to have Snoop Dogg kicked out of the UK but Queen Elizabeth came to the rescue.

‘Kick this evil bastard out,'” he said. “Look at me. It’s a headline n*gga. That sh*t is documented. They had a picture of me on the front, I had a handcuff on one of my hands — this a picture I took. I got a handcuff on one of my hands — and the other one was off. I had my hands up like this and they didn’t like it. They was like, ‘Kick this evil bastard out.'”

“But guess who came to my defense?” Snoop Dogg continued. “The Queen, n*gga. The Queen said ‘This man has done nothing in our country he can come.’ The Queen n*gga, bow down. When The Queen speaks bow down.”

His story comes the same week fake news was spread about the Queen’s death.


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