Snoop Dogg Is GETTING SUED After Calling Out UberEats Driver On IG

Snoop Dogg just wanted to get his UberEats order delivered to his door – but now it might cost him more than a missed delivery. 

Last month, Snoop Dogg posted complaints on Instagram about an Uber Eats order he never received. The video has more than 4 million views and 12,000 comments.

While the video lasts all of 12 seconds, the delivery driver says it’s had a major impact on his life.

MTO News has learned that an UberEats driver that Snoop Dogg aired out on social media is considering taking the rapper to court for posting his personal information on Instagram

A man named Sayd, who did not disclose his last name, is the the UberEats driver and he spoke to a news outlet about the impact that Snoop Dogg’s post had, claiming that he feels his safety is being jeopardized. 

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The rapper boasts 69.9M followers. 

That post, in particular, has over 4M views and 12K comments and remains on Snoop’s page. In the 12-second post, Snoop Dogg calls Sayd a “punk,” among other names while revealing the driver’s first name and license plate number.

After I see the video, I’m kind of like…I have anxiety and I fear for my family’s safety,” Sayd said, revealing that he had no idea that he was bringing food to Snoop Dogg in the first place. He said that his delivery was located in an industrial area in Inglewood where he waited for eight minutes, per Uber’s protocol, before canceling the order. In the video, Snoop Dogg expresses frustration that the driver wouldn’t bring the delivery to the door because he felt he wasn’t in a safe neighborhood. “I contacted the customer many times and I also followed the protocol by the book,” Sayd said.

As for Uber, they apologized to Snoop Dogg but not Sayd, who said that the company didn’t offer him any sort of apology. He added that has not returned to his job since the incident on Jan. 27th.

Sayd said that he’s filed a lawsuit against the rapper.

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