SHOCK VIDEO: Youtuber Kevin Samuels Caught w/ MAN IN BED!! (Video)

Youtuber Kevin Samuels has been caught, MTO News has learned, with an image of a man in bed. Now there is a growing sentiment across social media that the popular relationship expert may be secretly gay.

Yesterday, during his show, Kevin accidentally shared his screen and inadvertently showed a picture of a man in bed – which was on his laptop. Some are speculating – because of the furniture – that the man was in Kevin’s bed.

Here’s a short clip:

Kevin Samuels is known for offering relationship advice to women, mostly to Black women. And his “advice” typically consists of insulting them, and telling them that their standards are “too high” based on their weight, age and number of kids they may have.

While Kevin has TONS of fans across social media, he has just as many critics. MTO News has confirm that many Black women feel that his shows are used to “bash” Black women and to promote negative stereotypes about them.

A few months ago, though, people began speculating that Kevin Samuels may be gay – after some effeminate pictures of him from his high school days leaked online. After the image leaked, his detractors posited the theory that Kevin’s harsh criticism of women comes from not having any real romantic feelings for women and can only use stereotypes when talking about them. 

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