SHOCK PICS: Drake’s Now Wearing A FULL Lacefront Wig . . . ‘Like He’s An IG THOTTIE’!!

Rapper Drake is showing off his brand new hairstyle – braids. It’s a good look for him, but many of Drake’s fans suspect that he’s wearing a lacefront wig. And they’re confused as to why a male rapper is choosing to wear wigs.

Drake Gets Drunk

According to one popular blogger on Twitter, Drake is “wearing a lacefront like he’s an IG thottie.”

Here’s Drake’s new hairstyle:

So why do fans suspect that he’s wearing a lacefront wig? Well check out this pic of Drake – taken from the Turks and Caicos just a few days ago.

Does it look like he has enough hair to get his braids that nice and neat?

In recent years there’s been a rise in the use, by men, of hair extensions and wigs, something traditionally done by women. Now there are dozens of successful entertainers, including rapper Fetty Wap, NBA star Ja Morant, and others – who openly wear dreadlock hair extensions.

Could Drake be ushering in the era of men wearing lacefronts??

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