SHOCK PIC: Kevin ‘High Value Man’ Samuels Has A Missing Tooth!! (PICS)

Kevin Samuels is known for bashing Black women and promoting himself as a “high value” man. Well MTO News has obtained a photo that suggests otherwise, MTO News has learned.

The supposedly well heeled man has a missing tooth on the side.

Kevin accidentally showed off his Jack-O-Lantern smile on Instagram Live yesterday. He laughed hard, and turned his head – exposing the missing side tooth.


Having a missing side tooth is typically not a big deal. Dentists now can use a dental implant, to cover the space for as little as a few thousand dollars. That is an easy fix for any man that considers himself “high value” right?

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Kevin Samuels is an American Businessman, picture specialist, and online media influencer. He attended Milwood High School in his hometown of Millwood, USA. Furthermore, he attended the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and 1991 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kevin worked at Office Depot between December 2005 and May 2009 as Business Development Manager. His role was to build relationships with clients and develop a consistent, detailed understanding of their potential business needs.

In 2010 he became a stylist and is now a Youtuber and a social media influencer.

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