Sherri Shepherd Lost EVEN MORE Weight; Looks AMAZING & A Size 6!! (Pics)

Sherri Shepherd, 53, recently revealed that she lost 20-pounds – and now she’s down to a size 6 dress.

Sheri, who is just 5-foot-1, credited a strict high-fat, low-carb diet and intermittent fasting for her newly slimmed-down figure.

When asked how she did it, the “Call Your Mother” actress told fans “I am doing keto.” Sheri went on to explain that she’s also skipping sugar, dairy, beef, pork, alcohol (drinking water and tea only), and not eating after 7 or 8 p.m. at the latest. 

This is a pretty big change for the former View star. Back in 2012, Sherri tipped the scales at 197 pounds — and she’s been up and down ever since.


Sherri is now a co-host of Fox’s “Dish Nation,” and she mixes up her fitness routine to get results. 

“Life is too short to sit still! I decided to take pole fitness classes,” Shepherd wrote on Instagram. “My stomach & thighs were burning when I was done. But those body rolls almost took me out. Take a risk and try something that scares you… and see the blessings that follow!”

Here’s what the new share looks like:

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