Shekinah Jo Explains Why She & Tiny Are No Longer Friends: I Worked For Tips!!

Shekinah Jo has explained why she and former bestie Tiny Harris are no longer friends.

After the allegations about Tiny and T.I. surfaced online, Shekinah hopped on Instagram Live to speak on the issue — but many dragged her for the comments she made about Sabrina Peterson.

Shekinah claimed Sabrina engaged in sexual activities with the couple and that she used to help Tiny and T.I recruit women. Shekinah was slammed for putting the couple’s business out there with some saying that she implicated the couple.

But according to Shekinah, Tiny was in the room with her when the infamous livestream took place and was telling her what to say. And when social media turned against her — Tiny did not speak up to support her friend… and Shekinah says that was the last straw.

She also said the couple paid her “tips” to do Tiny and her daughters’ hair for all of these years.

Take a look at what she had to say.

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