Shay Johnson: Iyanla Vanzant Is Disrespectful & Has A Smart Mouth!!

Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Shay Johnson has slammed wellness guru Iyanla Vanzant — calling her “disrespectful” and accusing her of having a “smart mouth.”

Shay appeared on the new season of Iyanla: Fix my Life — but she was not happy with the therapist’s approach.

“I will never go on national television and talk to a therapist again. What I did realize is it’s very important to see a therapist like if you have issues it really can help situations. But the right therapist can help your situation. You have to find the right therapist that you connect with and you just have a vibe,” she shared with her followers. “I don’t vibe with her, I don’t vibe with her attitude, I don’t vibe with her smart ass mouth, I don’t vibe with her disrespect. And I don’t vibe with the fact that she don’t own up to sh*t. Cause you want to act like I was just there arguing with the air and talking to myself and the walls. No, I was actually talking to you. And you had a rebuttal for everything I said.”


She added, “You had a rebuttal for everything I had to say so don’t try to play victim and put out in the edit version as if you didn’t snap at me, cuss me out…oh no, I’ ma bust your sh*t right on out sweetheart. And I don’t got nothing against her. I think she’s amazing but your approach, you got to switch it up for the people you deal with cause everybody can’t handle that bark, bark approach. Just switch it up a little bit and you’ll be fine.”

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