Shawn Marion Defends His Shooting Form

NBA star Shawn Marion went off on a Twitter rant after folks made fun of his shooting form.

“They talk about my motherf*cking shot, but nobody in the f*cking league shoots the same. Get the f*ck out of here. I’m shooting 35-40 percent from the f*cking three-point line at one point in my career. I was a very consistent jump shooter, so you are going to sit there and talk about my motherf*cking shot, but don’t want to talk about everything else I did on the f*cking floor?” he said.

“Get the f*ck out of here. Suck my dick. Like seriously, I’m averaging 20 plus points and over ten rebounds a game at 6″7′ in a league that is dominated by bigs at the time. Dominated by power forwards and centers, and then I’m getting two blocks, and I’m getting two-plus steals per game. And you want to sit there and talk about my motherf*cking shot?” he continued.

“Don’t nobody in the league shoot the same. Really? Look, I’m top five – you go back, who got the number one winning percentage in Phoenix Suns history? N*gga Me! I’m top five in almost every category in Phoenix Suns’ history. Go back and look at it, numbers don’t lie. I’m talkin’ straight facts, I don’t play these games.”

Y’all agree?

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