Shaun King Uploads Proof He Never Scammed Using GoFundMe Pages

Shaun King has posted proof that he has never scammed people using GoFundMe, amid claims that he has ripped off the family of Tamir Rice.

“Mr. King requested his history on GoFundMe and provided all email accounts associated with any possible activity,” the letter from GoFundMe reads.

“The scope of information requested is limited to activity on GoFundMe: 

-Mr. King has not organized a fundraiser on GoFundMe.

-Mr. King has not been the beneficiary of a GoFundMe. 

-Mr. King has not withdrawn any funds on GoFundMe.”

The letter continues, “It’s worth noting that if a customer shares a fundraiser via social media, they do not have direct access to withdraw any funds on GoFundMe.”

Shaun King has been accused by the mother of Tamir Rice of scamming her and other families of victims of police killings. He has always denied the allegations — but his letter is still being given the side eye.

Is this enough proof?

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