Shannon Sharpe Slams The Pro Bowl: This Was EMBARRASSING!!

The Pro Bowl went down over the weekend and many people thought the whole event was trash.

Shannon Sharpe agreed.

“R they not tackling anymore in the Pro Bowl? I’m sorry but this isn’t football. I’ve played in this gm numerous times and I LOVE the NFL, but this is embarrassing,” he wrote in a tweet.

Deion Sanders then wrote:

“Lord help me. I’m watching the @nfl Pro Bowl and I remember when we were so proud and appreciative of that accolade. We went to Hawaii to prove we were more than worthy so we competed at practice and in the game. I wanted u to know that PRIME was PRIME ! What Happened & When ?”

Sharpe agreed with him.

“Exactly. This was EMBARRASSING. NFL should do away with the gm, but keep the accolade of being selected to the pro bowl. #UNWATCHABLE,” he said in response.

Did y’all watch the Pro Bowl? Was it embarrassing?


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