‘Shahs Of Sunset’s Reza Farahan Talks Mike Shouhed’s Cheating

On Shah’s of Sunset, Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed fall out over Mike’s sexting drama.

Mike first denied allegations that he had sexted women but later confessed. Mike then said he began to receive mean texts for an unnamed individual and told the cast that Reza told him Golnesa sent the mysterious texts.

GG denied sending them and Reza denied he ever told Mike that it was her — and it all got very confusing.

During a recent interview, Reza was asked whether Mike has commitment issues, as he always seems to cheat on his partners.

“I think it’s not a commitment issue,” he said on Chanel in the City. “I think that Mike is definitely committed to Paulina, and Paulina knows that Mike is committed to her.”

“I noticed something with my friend Mike when the show got picked up that I don’t like,” he continued. “The praise that he gets from these hot women, feeds something that I don’t understand. And it’s feeding something. And whether he’s engaging in just texting or not, I don’t know, and I don’t care. Whatever he gets out of it, that hot chick, the excitement, the pics, the [conversation], if he could find a way to feed that, this would go away for him.”

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