Serena Williams Unveils New Face . . . Fans Call The Face BLEACHED & BOTCHED!!!

Serena Williams is trending on social media today, after she unveiled her new face, which is pretty CRAZY looking. 

In the new video which was released by Serena’s PR team, MTO News confirmed, the tennis superstar explained why she feels that it’s so important to have “boundaries” with her fans.

But her face looked so different, fans could barely listen to what Serena was saying.

Firstly, Serena’s skin looked a couple of shades lighter than she is naturally. As a result, many on social media are speculating that the tennis great may be “bleaching” her skin.


Skin bleaching can be done either using a skin bleaching cream or through intravenous drugs. The procedure in getting more and more popular among Black women.

But Serena’s face also looked different – as if she injected some sort of fillers in her cheek and chin.

Look at the side by side with an old picture of Serenas:

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