Serena Williams Hires BLACK Makeup Team; No Longer Looks Like A GHOST!!

Serena Williams hasn’t been looking her best lately. Actually that’s an understatement, in the past couple of weeks, Serena’s makeup has been tragic!

Last month it got so bad, that MTO News confirmed that the tennis superstar went viral for her awful makeup. Serena Williams turned heads when she shared an image of herself on social media where her face was noticeably lighter than her natural skin color.

At first, Serena faced accusations of skin bleaching, but MTO News confirmed it wasn’t surgery – just bad makeup. This is what’s he looked like:

Well MTO News has learned that Serena has made a few changes to her beauty team.

According to a friend of Serena, the tennis star fired her glam squad – which was made up mostly of non-Black stylists.

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And she’s now working with a new glam squad – all of whom are Black women, and are familiar with Serena’s skin tone.

The difference is like night and day. Look:

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