Security Firm Denies Bugging Britney Spears’ Phone

The Black Box security firm has denied allegations made in the New York Times’ Controlling Britney Spears documentary that they bugged her phone.

“Their reason for monitoring was looking for bad influence, looking for potential illegal activity that might happen, but they would also monitor conversations with her friends, with her mom, with her lawyer Sam Ingham. If there’s anybody that should be off limits, it should be Britney’s lawyer,” former employee Alex Vlasov said.


Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Lee Thoreen, said his “actions were done with the knowledge and consent of Britney, her court-appointed attorney and/or the court.”

An attorney for Edan Yemini said, “Black Box have always conducted themselves within professional, ethical and legal bounds, and they are particularly proud of their work in keeping Ms. Spears safe for many years.”

The firm allegedly monitored all of her phonecalls, text messages, bugged her bedroom and her dad would allegedly take her phone away from her.

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