Sean Kingston Wanted Over Grand Theft Charge!!

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Sean Kingston over his alleged failure to pay up for his bling.

According to TMZ, the singer allegedly had jewelry delivered to his home, and has not yet paid for the items. He has been charged with grand theft as a result.


The cops told the publication that they do not plan on actively pursuing Kingston, but his warrant will remain in their system in case he gets into trouble with the law again.

In February 2018, Kingston was ordered by a judge to cough up $301,500 to Aqua Master, a jewelry store based in New York City. He tried to pay them in checks, but his accounts had “insufficient funds” in them.

AP The Jeweler put him on blast on social media: “I’m not calling cops or taking you to court. I’m going to the streets somewhere where you scared to be,” he said at the time.

His bail has been set at $45,000. Kingston faces up to three years in prison if convicted of grand theft. 

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