Scott Disick Now Hunting For A Serious Relationship

Now that Kourtney Kardashian is off the market and engaged, Scott Disick is now looking for something serious.

“Scott is starting to think more and more that he wants to find the one,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Granted, Kourtney was the one for a long time in his eyes, but as everyone has seen, they never sealed things with marriage and now that is long over. Speaking of things being over, Scott is over it when it comes to dating because though he has fun times, it seems to lead to nothing more than a fling.”

Scott was upset when Kourtney got engaged because he thought that they would eventually get back together even though he’s been dating women almost half his age for years.

“He sees all his friends, his ex and everyone else finding love which is making him envious of having that for himself,” the insider continued. “The main problem is that it is hard for him to find someone because there is a lot of baggage that he even admits is something of a crutch for people to take the plunge and get involved with him,” the source continued.

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