Scott Disick ‘Embarrassed’ Over Leaked Texts

Scott Disick is embarrassed after Kourtney Kardashian’s ex leaked DMs he sent, talking smack about her relationship with Travis Barker.

“Scott is embarrassed and also mad at Younes for exposing his DM to the world,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He was caught up in his feelings and was called out on it and now he is feeling the repercussions from it all.” 

Scott sent messages to Younes making fun of Kourtney and her new boyfriend, Travis, who were showing PDA on a yacht.


Scott is upset because he’s “getting trolled online about it,” the source continued, “Scott being called out on his pettiness really has thrown him for a loop.”

Scott wants revenge.

“Friends are telling him to do nothing and have people forget, but he is mad at Younes and is looking to find a way to get back at him,” the source said. “Overall, it is a big headache and not a situation Scott wants to be in right now.” 

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