Scott Disick Didn’t Expect To Be Invited To The Kardashian’s Family Easter Party

Scott Disick was not invited to the Kardashian’s Easter party and is feeling left out.

“Even if he was invited, he does not know that he would even attend because it would be awkward for everyone involved,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“That is why everyone wants to come up with a solution so this is no longer the case and it is also why they believe that the only thing that will change this is if Scott falls for a woman as he did with Sofia [Richie].”

The source told the outlet that even though he is hurt he is not going to create “drama.”

“Until that happens Kourtney will always be the love of his life that got away and the family will have to walk on eggshells around Scott and create excuses as to why he was not told about this gathering or that gathering,” the source added.

Was it the right move not to invite Scott?

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