‘Scandal’ Actor Joshua Malina Wants To Know Why Mel Gibson Isn’t Canceled

Scandal actor Joshua Malina wants to know why Mel Gibson is not canceled.

Gibson was canceled years back after making anti-semitic remarks and using the n-word in an explosive rant.

Listen below:

“If Gibson is welcomed back to direct the latest installment of this beloved franchise, it may be time to stop publishing think pieces about the power of ‘cancel culture,'” he wrote in an op-ed for The Atlantic. “Because if he can continue to find big bucks and approbation in Hollywood, cancel culture simply does not exist.”

He added, “This might feel like a smaller matter if it didn’t come at a moment when members of my tribe feel the walls closing in again. Jews were the victims in more than 50 percent of religious-based hate crimes last year,” Malina continued. “In recent years, we’ve witnessed the Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh, the murder at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in California, Jewish students harassed on college campuses, European anti-Semitism on the rise — these are the headlines that make us feel unsafe. Is this really the time to glorify a man like Mel Gibson?”

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