Saweetie To Quavo: PAY ME And Maybe I’ll Take You Back!! (‘I’m a Business Woman’)

Rap superstar Saweetie is a single lady, but maybe not for long. MTO News has learned that Saweetie is hoping to hook up with a rich man VERY soon.

But we also learned that there’s still hope for a Quavo-Saweetie reconciliation.

MTO News learned that in a recent interview, Saweetie explained that she’s willing to forgive a man for nearly anything – as long as he deposits a large amount of money in her bank account.

She did that interview after she “checked out” of her relationship with Quavo, MTO News revealed. Now on many on social media think she is sending a message to the Migos star.

Quavo? The ball’s in your court….


She explained that she’s willing to forgive a man if he “pays her.” Saweetie claimed that she’s a “business woman” and is always prepared to cut a deal.

Saweetie told the interviewer, “My time is money so [a man shouldn’t] waste my time without paying me.”

She didn’t specify how much money Quavo – or any man for that matter – would have to pay for forgiveness, but said it had to be enough to buy “multiple properties.”


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