Saweetie Gives ‘Worst Ever’ Lip Synch Performance – Goes Viral!

Female rapper Saweetie is going viral on social media today after giving what many are calling a “cringe” lip synch performance last night on Triller’s Jake Paul fight, MTO News has learned.

Saweetie performed her hit song “Best Friend” as the undercard, and many are calling it the “worst” performance they’ve seen in a long time.


For one, Saweetie appeared to have forgotten the lyrics – and flubbed her lines within the first few seconds of the song. And after about a minute, it appears that Saweetie just said “f**k it”, and stopped pretending to sing altogether.

Then there was the dancing. Many of the beautiful rapper’s fans complained that Saweetie’s dance moves were “low energy.” The choreography was good according to fans, but Saweetie just didn’t appear to be putting a lot of effort into it. She’s appeared to “dial in” the performance and didn’t have that star quality.

Here’s video of Saweetie lip synching badly.

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