Saweetie Claims Quavo CHEATED; Quavo Says Saweetie’s A ‘GOLD DIGGER’!

MTO News told you guys earlier this week that superstar couple Quavo and Saweetie had broken up. Last night, the two made it official.

Last night Saweetie confirmed that she’s single and according to Saweetie, she caught Quavo cheating on her. Look:

Shortly after Sweetie made her announcement, Quavo responded – claiming that she was wrong about him cheating. Look:

Saweetie admitted that she “played hard to get” for a while and the pair stayed in contact for two months before they agreed to meet up. It wasn’t too long before the public caught wind of their budding romance. But not everyone felt that their relationship was genuine at first. Many fans of Quavo and the “Icy Girl” rapper believed that they were faking a relationship for PR purposes and began to place bets on when they would split up.

As time continued to pass, it became clear that Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship was far from a hoax. Once the public realized that the couple was truly together, many people began to root for them. The fascination with the rappers’ relationship continued to increase and Saweetie even confessed that she felt that people were rooting for her and the Migos member because they were happy to be proven wrong.

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