Sarunas J. Jackson Alleges Trey Songz Tried To Fight A Woman!!

Insecure actor Sarunas J. Jackson is claiming that Trey Songz tried to fight a woman.

“Some of ’em be doing crazy sh*t, like I said, I had some run-ins and they do that thing where, they were trying to sell this tough guy [image],” said Jackson. 

“I seen this one, Trey, Trey Songz, b*tch ass n*gga, try to press women, you know what I’m saying? But then turn down a fade when a n*gga came up to him for the fade, Turned it down,” he claims.

“I’m not cool with n*ggas like that,” he continued. “If he wants to fight women and stuff like that—to me, I can’t operate like that, because you get so many of those and especially once they there and it’s like, it’s unfortunate because I’m a fan!… I can separate the man from the artist, but sometimes it starts getting a little too muddy for me.”

The allegations come on the back of several women claiming Songz raped them. He has denied all of the allegations.


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