Sara Molina Blasts Baby Daddy Tekashi 6ix9ine: All You Do Is Cap About Our Daughter!!


Sara Molina, the baby mama of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, has once again taken to social media to put him on blast.

She says he’s a deadbeat.

“Imma just leave it here I haven’t spoke ‘Bad’ on him for a while and when I speak on him I speak on the situations that were bad.” Molina wrote on her Instagram Story. 


“I refrain from feeling any type of way from ALL ABUSIVE HURTFUL sh*t he did to me and the sh*t my daughter witnessed because of you, BUT WHAT I’m not gonna do is have you refer to OUR daughter as ‘that little girl’ like she means nothing to you when ALL YOU DO IS CAP ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER to these motherf*cking little kids on it because honestly those are the only people that are left call themselves your fans that f*ck with you.”

She continued: “Idgaf but to address our daughter as ‘that little girl’ and literally treat her like nothing? Over the phone to my moms? LMFAOOOOO WATCH SUM now.”

Take a look at her rant below.

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