Sara Molina: 6ix9ine’s Behavior Is Making It Unsafe For His Daughter!!

Sara Molina, the baby mama of Tekashi 6ix9ine, claims that his public trolling and beefs are making things unsafe for her and their daughter.

“Now, my daughter is being brought into some sh*t that has nothing to do with her and it’s understandable like I’m not saying in any way shape or form is it ok to like call someone’s child out their name but her hand was like forced bro and I can’t do anything but understand it. You feel me?” Sara said via Instagram Live.

She then desperately tried to distance herself from the rapper:

“It’s disgusting what he’s doing…and I don’t know why I’m being harassed online for sh*t he’s doing. I made it very clear for the past 2, going on 3 years — I don’t f*ck with him. I don’t f*ck with him as a person, as a father, anything. He doesn’t do anything for my child.”


6ix9ine has been speaking disrespectfully to several rappers online, as well as speaking disrespectfully about several dead rappers too:

“My heart goes out to those whose family is being brought up as well as dead family members and stuff like that like I don’t think the dead should be spoken on either. Like it’s just disgusting… we’re using other people’s hurt and pain to hurt them,” she said.

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