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Salt N Pepa Lifetime Biopic Review: 'It Was TRASH'

Last night Lifetime released the Salt N Pepa biopic, and the early reviews are in. Unfortunately for the network, however, MTO News has learned that people aren't happy with the storytelling in this made for TV movie.

Actually, the term "isn't happy" is an understatement - folks on social media are calling it "trash."


What was wrong with the movie? Well, it was long and left out what many believe are some important parts of Salt N Pepa's life, the parts that fans found most interesting. According to fan, the movie didn't show:

-Pepa’s many marriages and engagements (probably a movie in itself)

-them reuniting on reality tv not the Hip hop honors

-How they came up with Whatta Man and how they got En Vogue on the track

-How the impact of Let’s talk about sex became a movement

-Pepa and Treach’s messy divorce and how he allegedly was messing around with Pink

- Salt’s marriage and why did it fall apart

-Most importantly, SPINDERELLA’s impact as a female DJ and how she contributed to the group.

Here are some reviews: