Sada Baby Attacks Female Rappers: B*tch, You Known For Shakin’ Ass!!

Rapper Sada Baby decided to spread some hate to the women in the rap game, accusing them of using their assets to sell music.

“B*tch, if you known for f* ckin’ pornos and all that type of sh*t, f*ck yo music! Ain’t nobody takin’ you seriously as no motherf* ckin’ artist. Care ’bout none of that sh*t. B*tch, you known for shakin’ ass, showin’ titties, f*ckin’ OnlyFans all that type of sh*t. Whatever, b*tch. Don’t nobody give a f*ck about recordin’ no motherf* ckin’ music. Be real wit’ yourself,” he said via Instagram.

It’s unclear as to who the comments were directed towards.


Speaking to Billboard earlier this year, he spoke about what it’s like being an emerging rapper in the industry.

“Certain people have to worry about getting knocked out or getting moved over. I have the product and the substance to back it up. I’m not shunning nobody who’s coming up,” he said. “There’s enough room for everybody out here to make good music. Always has been. What somebody else is doing don’t necessarily affect me. It doesn’t affect me that a new artist is coming up and he’s got a whole new fan base and he’s out of nowhere and everybody loves him. More power to him, you know what I’m saying? Because when I drop, I’m still going to have my core fans and the people who’ve been keeping me alive.”

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