Sabrina Parr’s 9-Yr-Old Daughter Found Alone Walking w/ A Suitcase At Night

Sabrina Parr has claimed that her 9-year-old daughter was found walking the streets at night with a suitcase while in the care of her father.

Sabrina says she was out of town at the time.


In a video shared on social media, she said that she received a call from a woman who told her.

“My son is with his dad,” Parr said on Instagram. “My daughter is also supposed to be with her dad. Why is she walking down the street this time of night with a suitcase?”

“I couldn’t even breathe,” Parr said about finding out about her daughter’s whereabouts. “Thank God she is somebody that I have mutual friends with who was able to find my number through the mutual friend.”

“I have been trying to tell these courts for the longest, who have failed her and failed me, that the joint custody is not a good situation for my daughter because of that man… I’ve been in court six years fighting for my daughter to be in a better situation,” she said.

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