Sabrina Parr Denies Hacking Lamar Odom’s Social Media; Lamar Responds!!

Sabrina Parr, the former fiancee of Lamar Odom, has responded to allegations that she hacked into his social media.

She says it isn’t true.

“I find these accusations from Lamar and whoever he’s working with extremely disappointing,” she wrote. “We are no longer together and haven’t been for a while.”

She continued, “I’ve chose to move in silence about this situation & I suggest you do the same. We both know the truth and I can assure you no truth is being told on [Lamar’s] end.”

Sabrina then shared”REAL receipts to show and prove” that she is not the hacker and that she does not have access to his accounts. 

Lamar says she’s lying:

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