Rudy Giuliani Sweats Out His Hair Dye Live On-Air

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani trended online after he appeared to sweat out his hair dye in front of the press.

Giuliani gave a news conference on Thursday to cast doubt on the results of the presidential election — but the focus quickly turned to the black stream of glob running down the side of his face.

Mirko Vergani, the creative color director at the Drawing Room, a salon in downtown Manhattan, told The New York Times that Giuliani had most likely used mascara or a touch-up pen to make sure his sideburns matched the rest.

“Sideburns are more gray than the rest of the head,” he said. “You can apply mascara to touch the gray side up a bit so it looks more natural.”

He explained why the product started to melt:

“In the picture, it looks really heavy. I’m sure they put too much product and that’s why it started to bleed.”

Giuliani has not yet addressed the mishap.

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