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Rubi Rose Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Rubi Rose says she's never had plastic surgery and wants people to quit spreading fake news.

"Ive never touched my body, no shots/bbl/filler/veneers nothing… no shade to those that have, but stop tryna put surgery on me 🤨" she tweeted.

"Lowkey all East African girls have the same shape, thick Asf with a small belly and no tits," she continued. "I've always been hella skinny with no boobs- and i would feel like a little boy so I'd try and dress sexy and show my bum to be more feminine. But I gained like 20 pounds this past year & now im thick as sh*t 🥲😇"

"I'm not against surgery at all , BUT I will say I think the girls that are getting it now are too young. You don't put on your womanly weight till like 24," she added.